Our Story

The Asian Health Literacy Association (AHLA) was founded in 2013 as an independent multinational nongovernmental organization that seeks to understand health literacy levels across Asia from a research, education and policy perspective. The purpose of the association is to encourage collaborative actions and practices among researchers, officials, healthcare organizations in all career levels interested in health literacy and health promotion.

AHLA aims to enhance health literacy, a core element in the social determinants for health, in an effective way to improve health care quality and to reduce health disparities between communities, groups and nations. AHLA partners with global-wise organizations and institutes which facilitate stakeholders on their interest in health literacy researches and implementations. AHLA holds an annual international conference as a key event for bringing health professionals together to promote health literacy in regional and global forums.

The association seeks to encourage dialog among researchers, officials, healthcare organizations as well as experts in health and education, corporations, and media that can develop better interventions in health education and services.

AHLA promotes health literacy as an effective way to improve healthcare quality and reducing health disparities between communities, groups, and nations. Improving communication between patients, patient organizations, caregivers, health service providers, administrative agencies, policy-makers, and the media can promote health literacy and result in better-coordinated and more efficient health systems that protect people from health risks. Strong partnerships between national health literacy programs allow all stakeholders to benefit from the best ideas in health from around the world. AHLA will support these initiatives and promote health literacy in regional and global forums. Please visit Asian Health Literacy Association Official Website for more information.