Housing in Ho Chi Minh City takes many forms, but it is not an exaggeration to say that apartments and condos make up the majority of people’s living experiences here. Everything from basic Vietnamese housing blocks, reminiscent of the American projects to extremely high standard superbly appointed condos; all are available throughout the city.

The majority of the city’s expats congregate around Districts 1, 2 and 7 and it is here that you will find some extremely upmarket apartments. The condo blocks generally come with swimming pools and shopping facilities. Increasingly they are incorporating shopping malls, cinemas and even ice skating rinks. They are going up fast, really fast; with some fifty tower blocks scheduled to be build in District 2 alone between 2015 and 2018.

The older, more Vietnamese style are normally recognised by smaller windows, though this is getting a bit blurred with even high class developments like the Lexington Residence, scheduled for completion in 2016, copying this trend. The Lexington is one of the new breed, with a huge shopping mall covering the five floors of a central block, with the swimming pool on the roof. This in turn is surrounded by four twenty-six storey towers, housing one thousand three hundred and ten, one, two and three bedroomed units.

Traditionally, District 7 has been seen as the place to be for upscale, high quality expat living. This looks certain to change as District 2 develops into a city within a city. The Phu My Hung area of District 7 is still, though, a great place to live and there are many apartments covering a range of prices. The proximity to the main business area of District 1, is the appeal here.

District 1 is still the place to which many people aspire. However, ever-spiralling land prices here mean that the development of high rise apartments has slowed in favour of retail developments. Many people living in the city centre, do so in shared houses, in the small hems (side streets) that fill every nook and cranny of this fascinating city.

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Ho Chi Minh City is home to some of the top hotels in the country. If you have just arrived in Saigon and are wondering where to stay and where to sleep, you’re in for quite a collection.

From romantic to luxury to backpacker, all shapes and sizes of boutique, business and international brands grace the city’s landscape. Deals and discounts are abundant, and prices for even the most elite-level accommodations are reasonable.

Guests have a neverending choice of hourly hotels, 1-2 star budget hotels, more refined 3-star accommodations and some of the best 4- and 5-star hotels in Vietnam. Centrally-located hotels like New World Saigon, InterContinental Asiana Saigon and Renaissance Riverside Hotel are right by some of the most popular attractions in Ho Chi Minh City. Even the dingiest hotels have standard amenities such as Wi-Fi, comfortable beds, a minibar and basic toiletries.

Business travelers have much to choose from: most 4- and 5-star brands are equipped with meeting spaces, English-speaking staff, function centers and business centers. Great hotels for business include the renovated Park Hyatt Saigon, InterContinental Asiana Saigon, New World Saigon, Caravelle Hotel, Sofitel Saigon Plaza and many more. Leisure and luxury travelers will feel most at ease in hotels like An Lam Saigon River, Villa Song Saigon, Rex Hotel Saigon and a number of others. Families will have plenty of options: the Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon, Sofitel Saigon Plaza, Lotte Legend, Park Hyatt and Hotel Family Inn Saigon, among others.

Honeymooners and couples may want to stick to resorts and international brands, exceptions including boutiques like Villa Song Saigon and Thao Dien Village. Wherever you stay in Ho Chi Minh City, you will always be close to the friendly locals, the city’s indisputable charm and the fascinating culture – a great hotel just makes your Vietnam travel experience all the better.  

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