Health Literacy and Universal Health Care

With the changing dynamics of the public health problems that we face, it is felt that these challenges & demands coordinated action. The sustainable development goals are interconnected and are shared responsibilities between every sectors in society. As the Universal health coverage (goal number 3.8) is being aspired and strived for by the countries, it is equally important to focus on social determinants of health, health policies and health literacy. While we keep on discussing on health policies and social determinants, there is lack of discussion at national levels on the challenges of health literacy approach for implementing UHC, about using health literacy to solve problems, appropriate tools and strategies of health literacy and many pertinent issues where health literacy approach can actually make good impact. In such a backdrop, discussion and focus on how countries can remove the barriers to health literacy and eventually leap forward to attain Universal Health Coverage is imperative. The overview of the areas where health literacy work across different settings and examples from Nepal will be discussed.