How to Improve Health Literacy and Homecare for Elderly People in Vietnam

Luu Ngoc Hoat – Hanoi Medical University

The development of Vietnam Economic and Health Care during last decades has contributed considerably for increasing of life expectancy of Vietnam people, but also creates more needs for the Health Sector in terms of elderly people care and non-communicable disease issues at community level. To respond to those needs, Vietnam Ministry of Health has started to train Family Doctor, Community Nurse and introduced Family Clinics in order to improve primary and community health care, but the most important is that how to improve health literacy of elderly people and what model of homecare should be able to apply in Vietnam? Homecare in general and homecare for elderly people in particular have been applied successfully in many countries, but not in Vietnam since family doctor, community nurse and caregiver have just introduced but not been trained well to work in community and homecare. Besides that, Vietnamese people still have habits to go to good specialized doctor when they get sick, even they have to pay a lot of money for travelling, accommodation and fees for consultation of good doctors. Another cultural aspect of homecare user and provider can also influence to homecare application, that is the homecare user preferers to pay to provider directly, not indirectly through a homecare company to save more money, therefore homecare companies have difficulties of keeping and increasing both homecare users and providers. This presentation will discuss about how to improve health literacy and homecare for elderly people in the context of Vietnam.