Conference Topic

Conference topics: “Health Literacy in Smart Universal Healthcare”

(1) Cervical cancer prevention and HPV testing & vaccination health literacy-Worldwide perspectives

(2) Health literacy for NCDs

(3) Health literacy and hospice & palliative care

(4) Health literacy and medication safety, misuse

(5) Health literacy in media, social media, communication

(6) Health literacy for aging

(7) Health literacy in health rights, minorities, handicapped, migrants, and HIV care

(8) Health literacy in traditional medicine, TCM

(9) Health literacy in global health

(10) Health literacy and patient outcome

(11) Asian health literacy agenda 2018~2030

(12) Integrated care between hospitals and primary care

(13) Health evaluation and health literacy

(14) Health literacy and skin total care in cancer patients

(15) Health literacy and oral hygiene

(16) Health literacy and shared decision making

(17) Health literacy and health promoting hospitals

(18) Health literacy and injury prevention and control

(19) Health Literacy in Quality of Health in Europe and Asia

(20) Health Literacy And Infectious Diseases

(21) Analyze the situation, provide directions and solutions to enhance ASEAN’s health capacity, including Vietnam.

(22) How to use health information effectively, to better serve the policy of ASEAN countries, including Vietnam.