Academic Posters

Producing an Academic Poster can be a great way of presenting research in a concise and powerful manner. Posters are used widely within the academic community by scholars representing disciplines from across Medicine and Science, the Arts, Languages and Humanities. Most often they are used to present research findings at conferences and conventions.

The best Academic Posters are those which can effectively summarise the important aspects of a given research topic, are easy to read and understand, and are visually appealing. You want your poster to stand out and to leave the reader with more than a cursory knowledge of your research topic, the research methods you employed and your research findings.

Creating an effective Academic Poster can be tricky business. The examples attached below demonstrate how to go about designing your poster.

In 7th AHLA Conference, you are supposed to present your study to at least two reviewers, and participants who are interested in and raised the question. Your poster space allocation is AO size, portrait (1189 mm high x 841 mm wide – maximum size).
Any posters that exceed this A0 sizing will not be able to be displayed.


  • Do not mail poster presentations in advance as they may not arrive in time. You are advised to bring them with you to the conference.
  • Please note that there will be no audio-visual equipment in the poster area.
  • All means of mounting posters to poster panels will be provided.

Creating an Academic Poster

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